At PRODUCTOS MESA we have experience, and we are effective in addressing the last minute needs of our clients

All our hoses are tested one by one, which guarantees optimum quality and high performance at competitive prices


We meet deadlines and effectively respond to the urgencies of agricultural hose distributors. That's why we've been able to forge strong and stable relationships with distributors in more than 50 countries over the years to become what we are today: One of the world's leading hose manufacturers.


Experience has taught us that agricultural hose distributors highly value the following two aspects:

1) Deliveries made on time, meeting campaign deadlines (and even shortening them).

2) Have a reliable supplier that is able to adapt to last minute changes and emergencies.


Precisely, to be flexible and able to cover the most pressing needs of the client has been our prime focus at PRODUCTOS MESA practically since we began walking this path, already more than 35 years ago.

Yet without at all neglecting other aspects equally important or even more so, such as the QUALITY of the hoses and their commercialisation at a reasonable price.

In addition to the use of great raw materials, what guarantees the strength of our agricultural hoses is their individual testing (hose by hose) in our first-class facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery.


Our laboratories are equipped with:

  • Ozone chamber and UV chamber to measure hose aging.
  • Electronic dynamometer to measure adhesion.
  • Abrasimeters to measure abrasion resistance.
  • Hydrostatic chamber to control burst pressure.


The RDI department at PRODUCTOS MESA is immersed in a constant search for improvements in the manufacturing processes, carrying out new control tests on rubber mixtures, measurement of mechanical properties, vulcanization... The vast knowledge of our technicians also turns us into the ideal choice for manufacturing custom hoses.


You're probably thinking something like, "Why should I believe what you say?" And you're right. Trust does not build on promises.

That's why we would like you to visit us and get to know 'in situ' our facilities and how technicians at PRODUCTOS MESA work. So that you could turn words into reality and deeds. See for yourself that what we say is true and that we have nothing to hide. On the contrary.

It has been in commercial visits of this type where we have already convinced several distributors of the quality of our hoses and of our reliability as a guaranteed supplier.

Just contact us and choose a date. We will be delighted to welcome you.