At PRODUCTOS MESA, we manufacture high performance hoses with excellent quality-price-ratio

Extensive product range and knowledge on fire regulations in different countries




Quality has a price, regardless of the product category: Watches, phones, clothes or fire hoses. Think about it: You may have found yourself having to admit that what's cheap, in the long run, ends up being expensive, don't you?

With that in mind, what is it that we have always pursued at PRODUCTOS MESA? It's simple: To provide our clients with high-performance fire hoses at competitive and reasonable prices, so that they immediately (and surely) perceive that they have opted for a product with an excellent quality-price-ratio.


But what are we, at PRODUCTOS MESA, referring to when we talk about QUALITY?

Firstly, the use of the best materials in the manufacture of hoses (knowing your suppliers is important and at PRODUCTOS MESA, we have accumulated more than 35 years of experience in the sector); and, secondly, a rigorous control on finished products, a process we take very seriously: All the fire hoses are tested one by one at our modern facilities.


The laboratories at PRODUCTOS MESA are equipped with:

  • Ozone chamber and UV chamber to measure hose aging.
  • Electronic dynamometer to measure adhesion.
  • Abrasimeters to measure abrasion resistance.
  • Hydrostatic chamber to control burst pressure.


But we go even further in our commitment to QUALITY:

  1. We have a wide range of products and extensive knowledge of the fire regulations in force across different countries.
  2. We offer, if so requested by the client, indelible laser marking on fire hoses (brands, logos...). As well as custom packaging options.
  3. The post-sale and customer service is up to the task, and equals the quality of our hoses. We also offer personalized post-sale service.
  4. We comply with delivery deadlines and have developed great response capabilities to face our clients' changes and last-minute emergencies.
  5. We are flexible and open to develop new products and various other projects.


These are some of the 'secrets' that have allowed us to become world leaders in the manufacture of fire hoses, with presence and distribution agreements in more than 50 countries across the 5 continents. Come and visit our facilities and see for yourself what we do, how we do it, and why we would be a guaranteed supplier for you.


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