If we have stock in our warehouses and the destination is a European country, we can deliver the order in less than 2 weeks.

All our hoses are tested one by one and less than 0.001% of the several million metres that we market each year is subject to some form of claim, which often relates to incorrect use of the product 

Our 35 years of experience manufacturing agricultural and fire hoses have taught us the tremendous value distributors around the world place on meeting their order deadlines. When something is agreed upon, it must be fulfilled. And this fulfilment of the promise made -and, naturally, the quality of our products- has enabled us to build strong relationships over time with clients in 50 countries across the 5 continents, who find a trustworthy and reliable partner in us.

Strictly complying with order delivery deadlines is the result of years optimising a working methodology aimed towards that objective; of smoothing rough spots and gathering the best human resources, tools and infrastructure for the different tiers involved in the manufacture of hoses, and in their subsequent preparation for shipment.

Provided that a ''standard'' order for agricultural or fire hoses, for example, does not have a special requirement from the client, our deadlines are usually as follows:



In this case, we usually spend between 1 and 2 weeks preparing the order: Barcode identification of hoses, laser marking one by one with the wording required by the distributor, bending, fitting installation, packaging according to specifications, etc.

Once ready, the delivery deadline will depend on the final destination. If delivery is to a country in Europe, it takes about 1 week of transit. If the hoses are to be sent to Australia or New Zealand, it takes an additional 8 weeks by sea.



In this case, an assessment is made of the order variables: Which sections or lengths, diameters, type of hose... And depending on these factors, a manufacturing and order preparation timeframe is set, which usually ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.


Our warehouses always have stock available of agricultural and fire hoses. We are unable to foresee the requirements of all the distributors with whom PRODUCTOS MESA works all over the world. However, our experience and market understanding enable us to be at least one step ahead, and we typically have stock in our warehouses for 50% of the orders we receive. 

Regardless, our facilities comprise 3 production centres (30,000 m2 of surface area) that ensure flexibility and great ability to respond to clients' last minute unforeseen contingencies. It has always been our goal not only to comply with the deadlines that are set when an order is placed, but also to shorten them; something that we have accomplished on numerous occasions.   

Our technical team checks each and every agricultural and fire hose that we manufacture.

One by one.

This makes it virtually impossible for them to have defects or flaws. In fact, less than 0.001% of the several million metres that we market each year is subject to some form of claim, which often relates to incorrect use of the product. If a defect is proven to be due to a manufacturing flaw or human error, PRODUCTOS MESA will replace the product immediately.


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